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Family Tradition


Thomas Tochterman


Thomas Tochterman Jr.


Tony & Dee Tochterman

It all started with candy and peelers.

To say fishing is a family tradition for the Tochterman family would be an understatement. For three generations Tochterman's Fishing Tackle has been helping anglers in the mid-Atlantic region pursue the catch of a lifetime.

Thomas George Tochterman worked for Booth Fishery, a seafood market where Port Discovery in now located. His wife Anna sold home-made candy along with fishing tackle and peeler crabs Thomas would bring home from the market that where no longer safe for human consumption. As any Chesapeake Bay fisherman will tell you, peeler crab makes for fantastic bait!


In the mid 1930's Thomas passed away. The business was turned over to his son, Thomas George Tochterman Jr. Know to customers as Tommy, he and his wife Antoinette, "Toni" would continue the family business. Through the 50's and 60's Tommy and Toni would grow the footprint of the store as they acquired the adjacent buildings. Now four Baltimore City row homes wide, the store could expand its inventory to include more tackle and clothing and other outdoor products to better suit customers.

Tony Tochterman, son of Thomas Jr. began working for the store at an early age, only leaving the store for school and to serve in the US Air Force. In the early 80's Tony took the reins and ran the store on a day to day bases. Tony meet Dee in the early 90's and she quickly became a vital part of the store and its history known as the "Worm Lady." She spent countless hours working with local biologist to keep the stores bloodworm supply in the best health possible. Word began to spread and customers came from all over the region to buy "Tochterman's world famous bloodworms!" 


In 2016 the store celebrated its 100th year of business.

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